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One man must uncover the TRUTH—
Even when others will stop at nothing to keep it BURIED.
While investigating a controversial neurological research program, expose filmmaker Jevin Banks is drawn into a far-reaching conspiracy involving one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms.  He seeks answers about the questionable mind-to-mind communication program—and answers to his own family tragedy.
Rooted in groundbreaking science, Placebo, explores the far reaches of science, consciousness, and faith.  This taut, intelligent, and emotionally gripping new thriller from master storyteller Steven James will keep you flipping pages late into the night.


This was easily one of the most anticipated novels on my “to be read” list.  I devoured Steven James’ gritty crime drama series, “Patrick Bowers Files” (and if you have not read them – you MUST pick one up!), and was sad to see them come to an end.  Imagine my elation when I found out that Mr. James was writing a new series!  Aptly entitled “The Jevin Banks Experience”, this series follows a former magician, and now exposé filmmaker, Jevin Banks, who seeks to pull the wool from peoples’ eyes regarding false psychics, televangelist con men, and fortune-telling scam artists.
Jevin and his faithful compatriots, Xavier, a conspiracy theory buff, and Charlene, a former assistant on his stage shows, are on a mission to blow open the new theory of mind-to-mind communication.  There are many players at work behind this new theory who have invested a lot time and money, so any attempts to dissuade or disapprove the science could be met with deadly force.
Given the plot lines for the novel, I have to say that I found it utterly fascinating.  Could two people who are emotionally “entangled” with each other, really affect the one another’s emotions, or even physical feelings?  For example, what is the explanation behind the inherent bond between twins, where sometimes when one feels pain, the other feels it at the exact same time, and in the same area(s) of the body?  How can they often discern each other’s thoughts and feelings – without even being in the same room?  The mysteries and complexities between a bond between twins is nothing new, but what is, is the idea that your thoughts can affect the thoughts of another, particularly those who are in a romantic relationship. 
Telepathy has been an interesting and intriguing subject for many years in our culture.  Often, superheroes are given telepathic powers which would ultimately give them an “upper-hand” in fighting the enemy.  Further, the power of the brain has been the topic of many scientific discussions and studies and branches out to the power of positive thinking and visualization, techniques that are often used by professional athletes to help them attain their goals.
And on an even different track, recently, evidence has been revealed that suggest that individuals in vegetative states can communicate through measuring their brain activity.  (CBC News, “Canadian in ‘vegetative state’ communicates to scientists”) Whether or not that means we can one day communicate telepathically to one another remains to be seen, and may be an instance of connecting two dots that do not exist. 
I apologize for digressing from a review of the novel itself, but needless to say, it provided much food for thought.  Whether or not it is to be taken literally, or just as a work of science fiction, is up to you.  Overall, I really enjoyed this field trip into the area of telepathy and must say that Mr. James has done it again in writing another riveting novel.  Too bad I have to wait nearly a year before the next one comes out…

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