Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Chase


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Only God could have written a love story as beautiful as Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky’s.  From their teenage days thousands of miles apart when they separately wrote letters to their future spouses, to a chance meeting backstage at a concert, their story brings inspiration and hope to every girl.

It’s easy to get impatient for the future to play out, especially when it comes to love.  Before long you find yourself chasing the perfect guy and trying to write your own happily ever after.  But the truth is, your best future won’t be found chasing boys—it’ll only come by first chasing God.

In The Chase, Kyle and Kelsey take turns telling their story—with Kelsey sharing secrets to a godly relationship and Kyle revealing the truth about what guys really think.  Together they’ll show you how to put God first, protect your heart, deal with the loneliness and peer pressure that comes along with purity, and see yourself as God does.

Are you ready to trust God with your very own happily ever after?  Let the chase begin!


It is so true that one’s relationship with God must be the first priority in your life.  When we can say that we truly trust God with our lives and seek His wisdom with decisions, then we do not have to stress about the outcome of our life – or if we will ever find our future spouse.  “He’s got the whole world in His hands” – what a beautiful truth!  Of course, it does not mean everyone will get married - some, like the Apostle Paul, are called to be single.  But when we are living our lives sold-out for God, He will satisfy our deepest hopes and desires, and at times, in ways we could never, ever imagine, but always for the better.

Each chapter in The Chase touched on some very key issues in relationships – from not compromising your values, to allowing the guy to initiate the relationship, what a girl wants (to be loved and cared for!) and what a guy wants (respect!), and staying pure.  It also ends on a very hopeful note – just because you aren’t married yet, doesn’t mean you never will be.  It could very well be that you haven’t met “the one” yet (and it well worth the wait!).

Well-thought out and equally well-written, The Chase would be a great book for every single girl to read.  As a single gal myself, I felt very encouraged reading Kyle and Kelsey’s story – and know I will take the constructive advice to heart.

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