Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Merchant of Alyss

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When Hyam reluctantly returned to the Long Hall, he never imagined how his life would change.  Latent powers were honed, chance encounters brought new wisdom, and even love found a way into his heart.  With his wife, Joelle, he now makes a home in Falmouth Port.

Hyam is slowly recovering from his battles when a mysterious shipment of Milantian scrolls arrives.  Soon he is haunted by dreams of mythic beasts and coming conflicts.  When Joelle falls under a sorcerer’s spell, he must venture through the desolate lands to save her – and his community.

One particular scroll seems to hold the promise of new powers, but it also carries a hidden warning about an unfathomable threat.  As Hyam sets out on another journey, he is keenly aware that he must rely on all his abilities – and his forbidden past – to succeed.  His quest could bring deliverance…or devastation.


Thomas Locke has written another fantastic adventure in this follow-up to Emissary, the first novel in the “Legends of the Realm” series. 

In Merchant of Alyss, readers again follow Hyam on an adventure as unrelenting dreams lead him to believe that evil is lurking, and his help is needed.  The journey takes a dark turn when when his wife, Joelle, is struck with a deadly spell.  It becomes a race against time to save his wife – and others.  Staying alive is no guarantee as the journey is fraught with danger from beasts, witches, vast desert lands, and dark magic.

Packed with exciting twists and turns, Merchant of Alyss is a great adventure read and I look forward to book #3!

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. 

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