Monday, 2 September 2013

Welcome to Last Chance

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She’s learned you can’t count on anyone—
but she didn’t count on landing in Last Chance.
The red warning light on her car dashboard may have driven Lainie Davis to seek help in the tiny town of Last Chance, New Mexico, but as she meets the people who make this one-horse town their home, it’s her heart that is flashing bright red warning lights.  These people are entirely too nice, too accommodating, and too interested in her personal life—especially since she’s on the run and hoping to slip away unnoticed.
Yet in spite of herself, Lainie is increasingly drawn into the small-town dramas and to a handsome local guy with a secret of his own.  Could Lainie actually make a life in this little town?  Or will the past catch up to her even here in the middle of nowhere?
It is hard to believe that this is Cathleen Armstrong’s debut novel.  It is that good.  She had me hooked from the first page and kept my attention until the last page was turned.  It had a thread of danger, hint of romance, and the hope of change that captured my attention.  I felt invested in the characters and found myself cheering for them, as if they were my closest friends. 
The characters in Welcome to Last Chance are so rich, textured, and very … normal (very similar to another novel that I read, With Every Letter).  You won’t find picture-perfect, idealistic personalities, but rather, fractured, hurt, and real people.  But these same people also know when to embrace joy and laughter when it comes their way, and live life fully for God, for your neighbour.  And also to live for yourself, whether it be turning dreams into reality, or saying “no” to the past that comes knocking on your door. 
A beautiful story of relationships, trust, love, acceptance, and forgiveness, Welcome to Last Chance is a novel not to be missed. 
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