Friday, 5 October 2012

The Last Disciple


Back Cover
The BEAST is on the throne.
The populace is ruled by its APPETITES.
And a DIVINE PROPHECY emerges that some would die to protect
and others would kill to snuff out.
With the empire sinking into decadence and decay, corruption has infected every sphere of Rome.  Those in power have marked Gallus Sergius Vitas, one of the last men of integrity, as a threat to be eliminated.
Followers of Jesus are hunted down and killed for sport as Nero attempts to stamp out the fledgling religion.  But the revelation of John, Jesus’ last disciple, portends a different victory, sending tremors through the empire.


If this book were to be summed up in one word, it would be gripping.  Gripping in its portrayal of the manic Nero, the corruption of Rome, and the persecution of the early Christian Church.

“The Last Disciple” is set about 30 years after the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The Great Fire has already ravaged Rome and the Gladiator “games” are at its peak in the Coliseum.    Added entertainment in the Coliseum are the vicious attacks on the Christians in the arena by bears, lions, and gladiators.  It was an incredibly dangerous time to be a Christian.  But it was also during this time where great courage was displayed.

This was an incredibly well-written novel.  It grabs you at the first few pages and doesn’t let you go until you’ve turned the last page, and even then it leaves you with wanting more.

There are so many characters in this book, but the viewpoints and character development and insights are so well-done, that you do not feel the slightest bit confused jumping from one viewpoint to the other. 

The story is exciting at the least and riveting at its best.  Readers follow Gallus Sergius Vitas, a non-believer, but who is very tolerant to those of the Christian faith.  He is one of Nero’s right-hand men, and tries to use this position to help the persecuted Christians, while at the same time determine why Nero is so afraid of them.  The Disciple John’s recent letter, simply entitled Revelation, has the power to send Nero over the edge with its predictions of the End Times, and ultimately Nero’s demise.

This book isn’t one to be missed.  Those who enjoyed the Left Behind series will want to dive head-first into this series.  But those who are just a fan of great Christian fiction will want to (and should!) check this out.  If anything, it will give you a great humbleness reading about what Christians past have endured, and a great appreciation for the freedom(s) we have today.


  1. Hmm... I don't know if I would want to read it because of the Christian aspect of it because I've only read Christian fiction when it's set in the more modern time. But I do like that it's Romans. We have such a fascination with them don't we? I would like to know why Nero is so afraid of him. I dislike that name. Nero... it's sounds like he's sneering at me and that's rude! Nice review (:
    She’s Got Books on Her Mind

  2. Hmmm... I think I need to borrow this one :)