Monday, 20 August 2012

Stress Point

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Body image.  Friendship.  Career.  Money. Dating.  All these issues and more serve as points of stress for the 20-something woman, and combined they can make for a decade of drama in a girl’s life.  Sarah Francis Martin is the slightly older girlfriend who’s been there, done that, and got the not-so-cute t-shirt.  Through this interactive Bible study, Sarah helps young adult women address each stress point by encouraging them to wait on the Lord, worship Him, and make Him the focus of their lives.

In Stress Point, you will:

·         Find interactive chapters covering ten stress points for the 20-something woman

·         Dig through Scripture to apply truth to each stress point

·         Engage with real, raw, and relevant stories from girlfriends just like you

·         Journal through each chapter to engage with God in a meaningful way

·         Interact with Sarah through her video blogs for each chapter

·         Connect with your girlfriends in a Stress Point Survival Group; leader guide included


This was such a fabulous book.  Being an 20-something myself, I have readily discovered that the 20s is the decade of drama.  It’s when everything in your life changes dramatically.  There are no small changes, but rather huge, explosive decisions that need to be made that end up pointing you on your life path.  And in the midst of these big decisions and changes, all a girl wants is some security in her decision, in knowing that she is making the right choices.  In Stress Point, Ms. Martin pushes you to always go to the throne of God when making decisions.  It is so important that God is the number one focus in your life, because in that way, you can then tackle anything that life throws at you.  God is your stable support system that will never waver or break, so it`s okay to lean on Him!

I really enjoyed this book and found it to be a great devotional tool in my own life.  I especially liked the journal breaks through the book, as it encourages you to ``dig deeper`` into the Scriptures and in your relationship with God.  I would highly recommend this for any 20-something woman looking to find that balance in their life and seeking to have a deeper relationship with God, your El Shaddai (``the all-sufficient One`` or ``Almighty God``).

Click here to see a book trailer and read an excerpt from the book.

Book has been provided courtesy of Thomas Nelson and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available at your favourite bookseller from Thomas Nelson.


  1. it seems like a good book. i am in my 20s and i always feel very mch in dilemma about different things.
    :)pl visit my blog and do leave comments and suggestions. tanq:)n feel free to follow:)

    1. Thanks so much for the follow! I left a comment on your blog and followed you back. :)

    2. Hi, I wanted to tell you about another devotional book by experienced fiction writer Anita Higman that combines her storytelling skills and creates 40, first-person stories about Bible characters and brings them to life. Each story is followed by the relevant scripture and comments. We are looking for people to participate in a blog tour Nov. 26 - Dec. 7 and I'd love to hear from you. Can't resist leaving you a small excerpt:

      "I looked up from the spindle as a mystifying radiance spun its way into the room. It came into my presence like the falling of olive blossoms in the breeze, white and gleaming. Awestruck, I watched as the light took on the form of a creature of light!

      "I rose quickly, my heart bolting like that of a newborn lamb. I moved away from the light until my back pressed against the mud-brick wall. A faint sound, like a lyre, could be heard as if music radiated from his snowy robe. His face shone. Could it have been the lingering glow from being near the throne of the Almighty?

      “Greetings,” the angel said. “You who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

      "I wanted to speak but could not. With tremulous hands I fingered my veil but did not lift it. What could this mean? What kind of greeting was this?"

      Let me hear from you -- we have two books for each blogger.