Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Lion Cubs

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Fifteen-year-old loner Lexi Vogan has had enough.  Four foster families in two years would be enough to make anybody run away!  Alone in the world, she flees to Jacksonville where a group of runaway teens live in abandoned tunnels below the city.  It seems like the perfect place for a forgotten face.

Liz Swavier, thirty-six, became a widow two years ago when her husband succumbed to cancer, but she’s managing just fine.  At least, that’s what she tells herself.  Working long hours as a doctor in the ER, Liz’s friends and family grow concerned that she’s hurling herself into work to numb her grief.

Then, on a typical Friday afternoon, an appointment with divine intervention causes these two very different lives to collide, beginning a journey towards restoration that only an all-knowing, loving God could weave together.


This is a debut novel for Chrissy M. Dennis, and actually a winner of the World Alive Press Publishing contest.  And I can see why it won – this novel shows a very promising start for Ms. Dennis in the publishing world.  Ms. Dennis’ writing engages her reader and makes them genuinely care about her characters.

My one hope is that this novel could be a first in a series about the “Tunnel Kids”.  As a reader, I find myself wanting to know how the stories of Star, DV, and even Sapphire would end.  Sapphire, I believe, would have a very dramatic story, given the character she portrays.

This novel revolves around two people with painful stories who struggle to find healing and light amongst the darkness.  It is a touching story, and one that would not soon leave your mind. 

NOTE:  I would place this novel in a mature/older teen genre, given the young age of Lexi and the overall feel of the story. 

Book has been provided courtesy of Word Alive Press and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc. Available now from your favourite bookseller. 

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