Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sixty Acres and a Bride

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With nothing to their names, young widow Rosa Garner and her mother-in-law return to their Texas family ranch.  Only now the county is demanding back taxes and the women have just three months to pay.

Though facing eviction, Rosa falls in love with the countryside and the wonderful extended family who want only her best.  They welcome her vivacious spirit and try to help her navigate puzzling American customs.  She can’t help but stand out, though, and her beauty captures attention.  Where some offer help with dangerous strings attached, only one man seems honourable.  But when Weston Garner, still grieving his own lost love, is unprepared to give his heart, Rosa must decide to what lengths she will go to save her future.


This book was a pleasant surprise.  As you learn from the prologue, it is a Texas twist on the classic, unforgettable story of Ruth and Boaz.  Being a native of Mexico, Rosa has a hard time fitting in – from what to wear, how to talk, and how to act around men.  Rosa was a great, colourful character, often labeled “scandalous” for her exuberant and playful ways.  (I don’t think you would see very many ladies of society in 1878 climbing trees for fun.) Her counterpart, Weston, is a strong protector, the one who will stand up first to assist those in trouble.  Their interactions were always enjoyable to read.

I have to give credit to the author for making this novel come to life and the characters, their reactions, and different situations so believable.  It is a mark of a great author when your readers can connect to the story and the characters.

Sixty Acres and a Bride is a debut novel for Regina Jennings, and after reading this book, I cannot wait until she writes another!

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